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We provide Physiotherapy services

Your personal physical therapy begins with a comprehensive evaluation of functional limitations and areas of pain. Our friendly and experienced team of therapists will design a treatment plan based on your needs and goals. Throughout your treatment, we will work hard to help you return to all normal functional activities.

Assessment and treatment is only conducted with your consent. During the assessment we will ask you about the reasons for your visit, your medical history. We ask questions about your lifestyle and work habits to assess the impact these have on your condition. Together we set the goals for treatment. We will do a physical examination and observe how you move. After assessment we will discuss the best treatment for you. Always feel free to ask questions. Please do not hesitate to ask your physiotherapist to explain things again.

You will receive a personalized home exercise program to allow you to stay healthy on the job, further enhance your rehabilitation.

Onerahi Physiotherapy will at all times comply with the guidelines of the Privacy Act and the Health and Information Privacy Code. We observe Client Rights (The Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers Rights). Leaflets for these Rights are available in the practice. Please feel free to bring along a support person/chaperone.


Our services included all types and sizes

We cover the following clinical areas with a variety of treatment modalities

We devise individual programmes to suit your injury or health condition, taking in to account your individual body mechanics.